Gathering and data analysis tool

What is Procollect?

"ProCollect solution has enabled us to improve the monitoring of team activities. In addition, we noticed a significant decrease in the time taken to input field information. Thanks to the possibilities of extracting all the data collected, the production of reporting is reliable and the analyzes are also finer.
In addition, Procollect's customization level makes it possible to integrate this tool into many corporate environments."

Roman CHANOSWKI, Director of Management Control, PATISEN


PROCOLLECT is a data collection tool that gives any outfit (business, organization, etc.) a customizable tool for collecting information, analyzing data, and meeting needs for digitalization.

You can use it to:

  • Conduct census campaigns
  • Undertake field surveys
  • Monitor a sales drive
  • Do a detailed analysis of collected data

Our ProCollect solution improves your productivity by avoiding entry errors and automating your business processes.

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Field information gathering

  • Reliable data collection
  • Client management
  • Sales personnel management
  • Sales management
  • Client geolocation
  • Appointment management                                     

Digitalization & monitoring of statistics

  • Automating processes
  • Data analysis and processing
  • Printing of receipts via Bluetooth printer
  • Reporting
  • Secure web interface for reporting back collected data