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Following the liberalization of the telecommunications sector, the operation of telecommunications networks was granted to private operators who are licensed to operate telecommunications networks open to the public. The State of Senegal, in order to continue to fulfill its public service mission and to avoid the exclusion of certain categories of users or geographically distant areas which are economically unprofitable, introduced the notion of universal access / service through Law n ° 2001-15 bearing the Telecommunications Code.

Universal service is a dynamic and evolving concept, periodically revised to take account of technological advances, changes in markets and the needs and uses of consumers.

The objective of the Fund is to guarantee a minimum of the following services:

  • The provision of the telecommunications service
  • The publication of telephone and intelligence directories
  • Emergency services
  • Public access and public pay telephones
  • Specific measures in favor of certain social groups


How to increase the reputation of the Fund while mobilizing around its main mission?

Our solution

A responsive design website, aligned with international standards, launched on 17 May 2016 on the occasion of the celebration of the World Telecommunication Day at ARTP. It features several features such as:

  • Direct access to publications with possibility of searches by keywords, year, sector, etc.
  • Map Coverage and Network: dynamic map allowing to locate the different installations of the Fond on the national territory and to specify for each locality the coverage network (2G, 3G) offered by the operators Tigo, Expresso and Orange
  • Newsletter