PSE (Plan Senegal Emergent)

Facebook page


Senegal has decided to adopt a new development model to accelerate its progress towards emergence. This strategy, known as the “Plan Senegal Emergent (PSE)”, is the reference framework for economic and social policy in the medium and long term.

The PSE aims in the space of a decade, a take-off that will translate both economically and through significant progress in human development.

Objectives of the campaign 

To make known the PSE vision and projects on the social networks of the entity (facebook & twitter)


Facilitate understanding of PSE vision and projects by all segments of senegalese population, especially those not interested in politics.

Communication axis / Creative idea

  • Communication on projects and achievements

  • Raising awareness about citizenship and patriotism

Results of the campaign

  • +13 000 fans on the facebook page

  • + 200 followers, tweets and reactions on Twitter

The +

  • Activations on the key dates of the nation

  • Headings on "Success Story", "Patriotism" and "Citizenship"